The International Vision Academy | An Essilor initiative

Change for growth

Excellence - to maximise your learning experience
Inspiration - designed to suit your business needs
Growth - nurturing your business to success

The Forefront of Optical Education

The International Vision Academy has been designed embracing the latest in evidence based design to maximise adult learning. This world class education facility will feature three ket learning areas spaciously built across 1000 square meters of floor space.

  1. Lecture Theatre

    Lecture Theatre

    • fifty seat auditorium
    • state of the art video and sound system
    • full video conferencing capabilities
  2. Collaborative Hub

    Collaborative Hub

    • flexible layout options
    • five fully equipped exam rooms
    • five breakout meeting rooms
  3. Retail Hub

    Retail Hub

    • set up as an optical shop
    • designed for professional coaching of retail selling skills
    • including technology area